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Exploring Tamshui Old Street: Traditional Snacks,Taiwan Souvenirs,Food Customs Regulations in One Read!


Tamshui Old Street, with its rich historical and cultural heritage, the development story of its port and shipping industry, coupled with the irresistible traditional fish snacks and Taiwanese cuisine, always attracts travelers from around the world to visit.

Tamshui Old Street now features numerous trendy and youthful businesses, such as the renowned Instagrammable ice cream shop Asahi Couple and the TengFeng Fish Ball Beer Bar. Combining the classic riverside sunset views of Tamshui, traditional fish ball snacks, and elements of youthful creativity, it gives a fresh and modern look to tourism in Northern Taiwan!

Many foreigners visiting Taiwan wish to bring back delicious souvenirs to share with their friends and family back home. Are you unsure about how to handle Food customs regulations issues?


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Join us with TengFeng as we explore the must-buy fish ball Taiwan souvenirs in Tamshui, along with Taiwan’s food customs regulations and common questions, making it easy to bring back memories and flavors of Taiwan!


Tamshui ‘s 70-Year-Old Well-Established Brand | TengFeng Fish Ball: Iconic Taiwanese Souvenirs


The crispy and savory taste of Tamshui ‘s fish balls is a sensation not easily forgotten – a bite that instantly delivers a rich seafood flavor. It has even earned the title of one of the ‘Fantastic Four Souvenirs of Taiwan.’

In addition to this renowned snack, the resilient and chewy fish ball soup and squid ball soup are culinary delights not to be missed when visiting Tamshui. Let’s delve into the story of TengFeng Fish Ball, a well-established souvenir brand in Tamshui, celebrated for its iconic fish-based treats.


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With over 70 years of history in fish ball and fish snack craftsmanship, the Guardian of Taiwanese Flavor


In 1949, Mr. Lin Shui-Mu, the founder of the first generation of TengFeng, along with a friend, established ‘Tamshui Wei Xiang Fish Ball Shop.’ Subsequently, in 1984, they founded TengFeng Food Company, successfully cultivating the souvenir culture of Tamshui’s fish snacks during the golden period of Tamshui Harbor.

With the advancement of technology, in 1994, the first and second generations successfully developed fish snack production equipment, expanding sales channels and obtaining food safety certification. In addition, TengFeng became the sole fish snack manufacturer in Tamshui to implement HACCP everyear since 2010 and acquire ISO22000 Food Safety certification on both 2005 and 2018 versions.

In addition to delivering safe and healthy flavors to both locals and foreigners, TengFeng aspires to impart the knowledge and joy of marine culture, combining education with entertainment, and sharing it with a broader audience. In 2005, TengFeng established the ‘TengFeng Fish Ball Museum’ and a second tourist factory, offering guided tours and DIY activities, actively safeguarding the stories of Taiwan.


Continuously innovating manufacturing techniques to create the delightful and healthy taste of happiness.


TengFeng’s classic and popular fish snack is made from a high proportion of fresh threadfin. After removing the head, tail, and internal organs, the fish, along with the bones, is ground into a paste. The paste is then cut into strips and undergoes an exclusive low-temperature frying technique, ensuring a nutritious yet non-greasy snack.

In addition to this, there’s also the shrimp snack, incorporating shrimp, enhanced with spicy seasonings. Whether as a souvenir or a snack for binge-watching or on-the-go, it’s a perfect choice!

In addition to fish and shrimp snacks, TengFeng ‘s fish balls, with a history spanning over a century, are free from added preservatives, offering a wholesome and chewy texture.

TengFeng has also developed the Donggang Selected spearfish Floss, a perfect accompaniment for rice and congee. Recently, TengFeng has collaborated with local Taiwan No. 9 peanuts, grinding them into a rich and natural peanut spread, expanding the possibilities of delicious flavors.


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TengFeng Fish Ball Beer Bar | A New Landmark in Tamshui, Exquisite Fish Snacks Souvenirs, Beer Bar, and Fresh Fish Ball Soup.
Industrial-themed space design, artistic, bright, and perfect for capturing stylish and trendy photos.


In 2021, TengFeng introduced a new themed restaurant, “Fish Ball Beer Bar” creating a fresh landmark in Tamshui. The interior features an industrial design theme with bright and artistic decorations. Visitors can enjoy the sight of freshly fried, crispy fish snacks and a selection of craft beers along the exposed pipelines.

With comfortable and diverse seating areas, every corner is Instagram-worthy, transforming the experience of enjoying fish snacks and fish ball soup into a stylish affair! TengFeng Fish Ball Beer Bar also offers classic and popular souvenirs like fish snacks and fish balls, as well as canned beer, making it a must-visit destination for those looking to take the delicious taste back home.


Freshly fried fish snacks, warm fish ball soup paired with craft beer – a new way to experience traditional cuisine!

Eating fish snacks while watching the sunset can be considered one of the most chill itineraries in Tamshui! But did you know that you can also pair fish snacks with craft beer?

TengFeng introduces a unique dining experience: pairing freshly baked fish snacks with selected craft beer, creating a refreshing and delightful combination. You can also have distinctive fish ball flavors and unique soup options, enjoying the fun of DIY fish ball soup pairing.

On weekends, there is also a variety of fried platters available, allowing everyone to savor the delicious taste of Tamsui seafood in different ways and styles.


Check Taiwan Customs’ Regulations for Bringing Food Items Abroad in One Go! Easily Take Taiwanese Souvenirs Back Home.


Want to bring delicious souvenirs back home? TengFeng Fish Snack guides you through the latest 2023 customs regulations, compiling common entry regulations for various countries, making it easy to bring souvenirs home~


Regulations of food customs entry in Taiwan


In Taiwan, when carrying food items for outbound travel, as long as the total value does not exceed TWD 600,000 (USD 20,000, JPY 2 million), there is no need to declare to Taiwan Customs. So, if you’re just taking regular TengFeng Fish Snack souvenirs, you can depart without any concerns!

If you plan to make bulk purchases exceeding the specified amount, you can check the declaration information on the official website of the Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance.


Compilation of Common Entry Regulations for Various Countries.


However, even though there are no specific regulations for Taiwanese food items when leaving Taiwan, different countries may have varying rules upon entry.

Here is a compilation of regulations from some commonly visited countries by Taiwanese tourists, providing an overview of food entry rules for your convenience.

Live seafood is not allowed for entry, but seafood products such as shredded squid, tuna egg rolls, and fish snacks can be brought into the country.

Precious Chinese medicinal herbs, bird’s nests, canned meat, and fruits, among others, with potential biological safety risks, are not permitted for entry.

Macao and Hong Kong District Hong Kong:
No specific regulations. Macau: Seafood products require an import permit issued by the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau and undergo sanitary inspection.

Travelers entering Singapore are not allowed to carry cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, and chewing gum. Small amounts of personal-use perfume or gifts are permitted. All kinds of meats, vegetables, plants, etc., are prohibited for entry.

All kinds of meats, plants, and vegetables are prohibited from being consumed.
Malaysia Incoming travelers to Malaysia are prohibited from carrying cigarettes and liquor, but may bring a small quantity of personal perfume or gifts. The entry of electronic cigarettes is strictly prohibited.

Fresh vegetables, fruits, and meat and seafood products are not allowed for entry. Meat products, such as shredded or dried meat, are also prohibited.

Meat and dairy products are prohibited for entry.

Fully packaged fish snacks, biscuits, and other souvenirs can be checked in when entering the country.

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